Flock to the River Valley, North Alabama Birding Trail
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Northwest Loop
Central Loop
Northeast Loop

34 - Guntersville State Park, Town Creek and Drive - Kiosk Site

35 - Guntersville Peninsula

36 - Guntersville Dam South

37 - Guntersville Dam North

38 - Goose Pond Colony

39 - North Sauty Creek WMA/Sauta Cave NWR

40 - Roy B. Whitaker Paint Rock River Preserve - Kiosk Site

41 - Skyline Wildlife Management Area

42 - Mud Creek Wildlife Management Area

43 - Stevenson Town Park

44 - Russell Cave National Monument

45 - Gorham's Bluff/Coon Gulf

46 - DeKalb County Public Lake

47 - DeSoto State Park - Azalea Cascade Trail

48 - Little River Canyon National Preserve Drive

49 - Buck's Pocket State Park, Morgan's Cove and South Sauty Creek

50 - Murphy Hill

Sites Along the Trail
Northeast Loop
Alabama’s northeastern corner has a wilder, more primitive side than much of the state, with the Appalachian chain rising in the east. Birds known for their vulnerability to disturbance thrive in this corner of the state, with Cerulean Warblers nesting in remote valleys, Ruffed Grouse drumming from wooded draws, and some incredibly endangered aquatic life hanging on in the Paint Rock River Valley.

This unique landscape is pock-marked with some of the most environmentally important cave systems east of the Mississippi. These caves hold almost all of the hibernating Gray Bats in the world. Visitors are drawn to the caves each summer when hundreds of thousands of these rare mammals can be seen leaving their roosts to start their evening hunt. Although their numbers once declined dramatically, careful management is bringing them back from the brink.

Beneath the towering Cumberland Plateau, Guntersville Lake extends its thin arms up steep valleys, forming even more habitat for winter waterfowl. You may see numerous Bald Eagles, some of which have taken up residence around the lake – due to the assistance from ADCNR. Each year, Guntersville Peninsula, which lies at the heart of the Northeast Loop, provides some exciting rare birds for the state. Previous celebrities have included Glaucous Gull, Pacific Loon, Red-necked Grebe.

Whether you are just looking to escape to the outdoors or looking for rare birds, this out-of-the-way corner of the state is well worth exploring over and over again.