Flock to the River Valley, North Alabama Birding Trail
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Fifty Bird Watching
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Bird Sightings

There are 420 bird species that comprise the official Alabama Ornithological Society (AOS) state list.While some of these species only occasionally visit Alabama, any birding trip presents an abundance of bird variety to be enjoyed.

A total of 178 species are known breeders in Alabama, including 158 species that regularly breed in the state. Additionally, 174 species regularly winter, and 80 species migrate through Alabama.

Birders are always excited to see a new bird and add it to their species list. Rare bird alerts are available to keep bird watchers apprised of any new sightings of the less common species that pass through.

The Alabama Ornithological Society posts the most recent Rare Bird Alert for Alabama. Check it out to see if you might have the opportunity to view one of Alabama’s "rare ones" while touring the North Alabama Birding Trail.